Cycling with velomobile through 20 countries, states or territories in 2020

Are you interested in being a part of the 202020 velomobile challenge?

You can be a participant a supporter or a follower.


  • Visit 20 countries states or territories with velomobile during 2020.
  • You decide your own route.
  • You decide your own pace.
  • You can split your routes over the year to fit with other commitments.
  • Your main reason for participating is to have fun at the same time as you promote velomobiles as means of transportation.
  • You are allowed to make use of ferries and trains for transporting your velomobile, but you are not allowed to use cars, busses, trucks or airplanes.
  • You are encouraged to share your experiences regarding road conditions, places to stay at, ferries, trains and other facts that can benefit the velomobile community.
  • If you fail to visit 20 countries, states or territories you at least tried your best and had fun during the time you tried.
  • Every participant is responsable for his/her own safety.
  • You can link to your blog or social media through this site or you could get a blog with your own name here, e.g. your Every participant is required to have at least one place on Internet where they share their experiences and geographical positions during their voyages.


  • Join participants with your velomobile or bicycle when they ride close to your home.
  • Offer velonauts to stay at your place.
  • Give advice regarding route conditions, places to stay, ferries, trains and other facts that can benefit riders.
  • Be a link between participants and their blog by helping them to translate text or by updating their blog.
  • Support in your own way and possibilities.


  • You can get detailed information about each of the participants through their links on this site.
  • You can get general updates at the Facebook page.


If you like to accept the challenge, send an email with your information to alve @ (no space in address).
If you haven’t decided yet and like to discuss your plans with other velonouts, please join the Facebook group:

You are welcome to contact the participants directly and to join the Facebook group: .

Please help us promote the 202020 Velomobile Challenge!

This presentation could be modified depending on suggestions from participating velonauts. Our goal is to make this challenge as enjoyable and interesting as possible both for participants, supporters and followers.